66 Total hydrotherapy jets/ seating for 6 persons / 315 gallons / 1,192 liters

Reverse neck hot seat
11- Direct pressure upper lower back jets
6- Direct pressure hip jets
4- Direct pressure shoulder and neck jets
2- Direct pressure hand jets
Swing Seat
12- 6.5” 7 port twin spin Jets
1- Vertical lava jet
2- Direct pressure hip jets
Hot seat w/o reverse
2- Direct pressure neck jets
11- Direct pressure upper and lower back jets
2- Direct pressure hip jets
Swing seat 22- 6.5” Pin spin jets
2- Vertical lava jets
Bench Seats
2- 6.5” Directional jets
3- Micro foot jets
Stainless steel jets
Balboa AL9000 fully programmable control system
2- 5 hp pumps
Balboa Ozone w/Mazzei injector
14 bulb main light with 7 color settings
2- pop up lighted mushroom waterfalls
100sqft Roadster filter system
G90 galvanized steel frame
Solid ABS floor system
Perimeter lighting
Lighted cup holders


82” x 77.5” x 35” (H)

Shell Color Options:

Oyster Pearl, Pearl Shadow, Sterling Marble, Tourmaline, Tuscan Sun


August 9, 2016


Alps Spa Models, Deluxe Spas